Remediation Project at the Former Belle Meade Army Depot in Somerset, NJ

Somerset, NJ

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) teamed with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to perform a series of environmental studies and several areas of concern were noted.  Surface soil impacts were identified at six-residential properties that border the Former Belle Meade Army Depot.  These properties were subject to remediation. 

As general contractor, Banneker supervised the removal of trees and vegetation; clearing and hauling away tree/brush/debris which required construction of temporary haul paths between the dump site and rear access to the properties.  Additionally, Banneker performed excavation by removing and transporting 1-foot of surface soil to a designated dump site for staging.  The last phase of construction involved restoring the remediated areas with six-inches of clean fill and six-inches of top soil; replacing vegetation with grass; restoring fencing or installing new fence along the site boundary with installation of parallel silt fence to discourage further migration of surface sediment.

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U.S. General Services Administration

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