Banneker Ventures is hiring! Qualified candidates may submit resumes to our HR department on the following positions.

Construction Project Managers

Construction Project Managers (PM) orchestrate all aspects of a project - ensuring that a project is completed on time and within budget. Their primary duty includes coordinating and communicating with anyone and everyone who is involved with the project - including the customer, end-users, subcontractors, engineers and other contributing parties.  Other tasks include regularly studying the budget and costing of the project to manage spending; securing future work by delivering exceptional customer service; identify potential risks and proactively take steps to prevent them; and brief senior management on the status of assigned projects.


Construction SuperintendEnt

Construction Superintendents are responsible for onsite supervision of construction projects, ensuring that the quality of work and materials are upheld; as well as making sure the budget is followed as planned. Primary duties include being onsite to oversee the entire construction process; implement and adhere to both the health and safety project plans; ensure the budget is followed; organize sub-contractors and guarantee performance; record total costs for materials bought and payments for work done; perform general inspections of sub-contractors; serve as liaison with inspectors; and maintain daily progress records.


Construction Project Engineers

Construction Project Engineers support the proposal/buy-out phase, as well provide expertise throughout the life-cycle of active projects.  Primary duties include maintaining compliance with contract terms and legal requirements; reads, interprets and analyzes scopes of work, drawings and specifications; understands project schedules with respect to long-lead items and critical paths; facilitates processes for RFIs, submittals and change orders; collects close-out documents from project inception; attends and takes comprehensive notes at site visits and status meetings; effective at client management by providing real-time, thorough and knowledgeable responses; captures and stores photos of various stages of projects; collaborates with the project Superintendent to identify punch list items; closes out projects by obtaining warranty information and preparing O & M manuals.



Estimators are responsible for reviewing drawings and specifications and site logistics, developing scope sheets for different trades, reviewing bid estimates and scopes from sub-contractors and comparing them with the bid drawings and specifications, using historic data to compare current bids from sub-contractors and suppliers, coordinating with members of Banneker’s bid-team throughout the bid process, and working with the Chief Estimator to develop a comprehensive bid estimate for jobs in which Banneker is bidding.